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Online Gambling Quarterly – Summer 2022

“Large parts of the economy currently seem to be facing severe pressures from inflation, political turmoil, shortages of resources and funding, … The question is how resilient the online gambling industry will be. While COVID-19 pushed our industry ahead, it is unclear to what extent all these external factors will continue to affect. The experts surveyed are at any rate pretty bullish and see no negative impacts either currently or in the next 12 months – all good for now.”

Online Gambling Quarterly Summer Edition provide as always interesting trends and in-depth analysis of the online gambling industry. Let’s have a glance over essential infographics and key insights of the Summer edition.

Mobile Dominance

Mobile revenue is now the main revenue channel for almost every online operator. On average, operators make 75% of their total online revenue via mobile channels the betting vs casino proportion, impacting the overall mobile share.

Marketing Analyses and Social Marketing Benchmarks

Poker Stars on Facebook & Instagram and Paddy Power on Twitter preserve their followers dominance. It is worth mentioning the Twitter scale of impact in betting oriented content.

The average number of Followers of the online gambling operators was 160K. Paddy Power has always the highest number of Followers with Bet365 and Unibet closing the gap.

Product Analyses