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2024 Australian Open D11

WTF odds on both Wednesday’s Australian Open women quarterfinals. Two very tight encounters, typical 50%-50% in terms on probabilities no matter what the bookies say. Please mind your bets – stay tuned to Bet-Therapy Tennis betting tips and value bet of the day.

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Medvedev on fire is very dangerous, on a hard court he is a wall, with exceptional physical condition and his unorthodox but very efficient tennis. However, the odds to beat Hurckaz are a crap. Moreover, Hubi hardly let points lost on his serve.

Alcaraz produced an superb performance in all areas while Kecmanovic simply couldn’t cope with the Spaniard’s great intensity throughout. Alexander Zverev isn’t at his best and doesn’t sound confident as well:

“For sure he has an advantage because he has played less, but I feel ok. I’m tired, for sure, but it’s not like at the US Open when I was exhausted. I’m not dead. I have fuel in the tank. Also, coming out to play the world #2 on Rod Laver will give me energy.”

Tennis Betting Tips
Tennis Betting Tips

Value Bet of the Day

Extremely talented Dayana Yastremska, is a world beater when at her best, but was lacking consistency so far. However in this Australian Open she has managed to combine her extreme aggressive style (her ability to execute so many one-two punches is unique) with quite controlled tennis for her standards and “just try to play each ball” mentality.

After an incredibly high-quality affair against Stephens, Anna Kalinskaya won easily Paolini in pretty swift fashion. Kalinskaya’s ball striking is pleasing to watch. Very clean and effortless power. Also seems incredibly calm. Definitely value bet against Qinwen Zheng.

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A value bet in tennis (or any sports betting) occurs when the odds offered by a bookmaker are higher than the true probability of a particular outcome.

Example: If a player is given odds of 2.50 to win a match, and the bettor calculates that the player’s true probability of winning is closer to 40%, then there may be value in the bet if the bookmaker’s odds imply a probability lower than 40%.

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Value Bet – Australian Open Betting Tips

Australian Open Value Bet

📌 Value betting is a long-term strategy. Consistency and patience are key because not every bet will be a winner. It’s about finding value consistently over time.

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