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2024 Australian Open D8

Round of 16 is a pivotal stage in any Grand Slam tournament, providing a platform for players to make a statement, progress further in the competition, and contribute to the overall excitement and drama of the event. Please mind your bets – stay tuned to Bet-Therapy Tennis betting tips and value bet of the day.

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Djokovic didn’t play at all well against Popyrin and has been under pressure for long spells. The Serbian looked much better for periods against Etcheverry, but the forehand remains rather tentative and he is still making some uncharacteristic errors.

Mannarino came back from two sets to one down to get the better of Shelton in a memorable five sets encounter. The Frenchman’s unorthodox game style and approach could prove tricky for Djokovic and should definitely provide some phenomenal rallies.

Tennis Betting Tips
Tennis Betting Tips

Value Bet of the Day

Mirra came back from a set down and from 1/5 in the third, saving a match point to beat a faltering Parry in a deciding tiebreak. Both players were streaky in this contest and Andreeva took a while to adjust to the Frenchwoman’s variety and find a way to counter her frequent approaches to the net.

It’s gonna be even harder for the Russian teenager to cope with Krejcikova’s atypical game and mental strength. Krejcikova is a devastating ballstriker and has close to 50% probability to prevail tonight.

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A value bet in tennis (or any sports betting) occurs when the odds offered by a bookmaker are higher than the true probability of a particular outcome.

Example: If a player is given odds of 2.50 to win a match, and the bettor calculates that the player’s true probability of winning is closer to 40%, then there may be value in the bet if the bookmaker’s odds imply a probability lower than 40%.

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Value Bet – Australian Open Betting Tips

📌 Value betting is a long-term strategy. Consistency and patience are key because not every bet will be a winner. It’s about finding value consistently over time.

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